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International in-night distribution

DANX was founded in 1992 on the basis of a special in-night solution that we set up for XEROX. We picked up for Xerox in Venray (Holland) late in the afternoon and delivered to all Danish Xerox technicians pre 07:00 the next morning. On this basis Xerox could both close down a national warehouse and get fast access to the European XEROX warehouse with the full pallet of spare parts.

Today DANX has multiple in-night flows from Holland, Belgium and Germany to all of the Nordic and Baltic countries. Where the large international express companies are priding themselves with a 24-hour service, DANX has found a niche in the market offering a 12-hour delivery service from central Europe to the Nordics.

In order to cover our large geographic region from Central Europe we use evening flights from among others Düsseldorf Airport. We cover Southern Sweden with fast vans, and out of warehouses in Hamburg and Hannover we have a system to cover most of Sweden and Southern Norway including Oslo even without using flights.
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If DANX cannot deliver in-night due to the huge distances in Scandinavia then we always guarantee delivery in the morning before noon. For example we deliver from Europe to the North Swedish city Luleå before 10:00 a.m. day 1, where the large international express companies would need 3 days to cover the 2500 km distance.

Find some examples of our unique international in-night flow below:

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Read more about DANX – we are today the leading in-night logistics provider in Scandinavia and the Baltic region.


DANX has developed a second to none infrastructure in the Nordic and Baltic region of smaller depots of time-critical spare parts.

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