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PUDO means Pick-Up-Drop-Off. It is a manned drop-point where we hand out parts to technicians and receive their return parts. In IT Spare Parts Logistics there is often a return percentage of 90% where it is critical that a qualified PUDO staff can ensure that the correct parts are returned to the mother company.

Many of our customers work with service providers and they often do not know what exact technician will be assigned for an on-site repair. In such cases spare parts can be dispatched to one of our PUDO’s near the end-customer and a technician can pick-up his parts just before his on-site repair.

We operate more than 75 PUDOS in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. Please find an overview map .


Read more about DANX – we are today the leading in-night logistics provider in Scandinavia and the Baltic region.


DANX’s core business is in-night deliveries. In the Nordic and Baltic area we deliver into the boot of more than 6000 service vans.

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