Dear customer,

The impact of Corona Virus is getting more severe also in the Northern parts of Europe and we want to assure you that DANX is following the development of the situation closely and is taking the necessary and possible precautions to minimize the risks and impact that this virus can have on our customers’ supply chain as well as our employees.

We follow the recommendations from the public health authorities and encourage all our employees and drivers to observe vigilant hand hygiene and a minimum of physical contact. We will also enforce quarantine as the guidelines prescribe.

As the situation is now, DANX does not pick up or deliver goods in any of the areas of Europe that are restricted in terms of travel, but that might of course change very quickly. We will inform you as soon as possible if the guidelines change and will have an impact on the distribution of YOUR goods.

These extraordinary circumstances can result in change in SLAs and/or extra costs. It is a priority for us to keep you informed at all times if we have to implement important changes. We also urge you to give us any information on significant changes in your volumes as soon as possible to make our planning as precise as possible.

We will post updates on and you are also welcome to contact your usual operational or commercial contact for more information.


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