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Enhance your supply chain efficiency with our trusted night distribution services

At DANX, we understand the importance of a fast and reliable service. That's why we developed a specialist solution that guarantees rapid delivery of spare parts, even during non-business hours. Whether you need inbound spare parts distribution from a Central Europe warehouse or domestic delivery within the Nordic and Baltic regions, we have the network, resources and expertise to make it happen.

Why would I need a night logistics service for my spare parts?

An in-night logistics service can help your business streamline its supply chain, reduce costs, and provide better service to your customers.

It’s a specialist delivery solution that operates through the night, and is specifically designed for businesses that require time-critical delivery of spare parts. It’s perfect for businesses that need to get parts to engineers, mechanics, specialised technicians, and dealers as fast as possible, so that machines and vehicles, including off-road emergencies, can be fixed quickly. In fact, a swift and efficient service can help increase engineers’ utilisation up to 30%, leaving more time on their daily schedule to complete more repairs.

By relying on a specialist in-night logistics network, your spare part delivery will move through the night to be delivered to your customers before the new working day starts. Here are some of the main features your business can benefit from:

  • Fast delivery – With a night logistics distribution service, spare parts can be delivered quickly and efficiently, without compromising your customers’ production or repair daily schedule, helping your business to meet urgent customer demands and reduce downtime.
  • Specialised support – From fast trucks and vans equipped with GPS tracking to expert equipment and handling procedures, a specialist provider will ensure that spare parts are delivered safely and on time.
  • Comprehensive coverage – A reliable in-night logistics service should offer an extensive network, able to reach across all your existing customer sites as well as giving the capability to expand it further, so that you can explore new promising geographies. Their network should be made up of strategically located warehouses and distribution centres to ensure timely delivery to your customers.
  • Customised solutions – To meet the unique needs of different businesses, your in-night logistics provider should offer agile and tailored solutions, such as flexible final mile options, accurate tracking, and order management systems to support your requirements at scale.
  • Experienced staff – Experienced staff are critical to rapid and efficient handling of spare parts and other sensitive equipment across the bynight-distribution network. From making sure parts are safely packed through to accurate labeling, scanning and delivery, the operations team is the backbone of a successful night distribution service. They will make the difference in how each stage of your supply chain is optimised, and will be critical in minimising lead times, reducing costs and improving delivery times.

Why should I choose DANX for my night distribution of spare parts?

Providing outstanding experience and excellent customer service are DANX’s ultimate goals.

To achieve these, we have invested considerably in our technology and processes, which offer a level of visibility and proactive communication that sets us apart from the competition.

We take pride in providing our clients with detailed information about their shipments at every stage of the supply chain, with updates on any potential delay, sometimes due to traffic jams, bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances. By doing so, we ensure our clients can plan and adjust their operations accordingly, and that their customers receive their spare parts on time, every time.

We have a proven record of reliable, dedicated distribution across the Nordic and the Baltic regions, and our experience of the territory and industry is second to none. When competitors promise delivery in 24 hours, DANX can guarantee a faster service within 12 hours. Since 1992, we have prided ourselves on providing specialist in-night solutions that meet our clients’ requirements, improving their efficiencies and helping them drive growth and higher business performances.

Today, DANX has an extensive and flexible distribution network including:

  • 6 regional distribution centres
  • 29 forward stock locations (FSL)
  • 86 pick-up & drop-offs (PUDO)

spread across the Nordic region and the Baltics. Our large fleet of trucks and vans enables us to provide our clients with the fastest delivery service available.

Outbound and inbound seamless flow of your spare parts

We deliver to an average of 6,500 locations every night, with our fleet of vans and trucks covering the Nordic and the Baltic regions without having to resort to air options.

As businesses strive to meet customers’ demands, we understand the need for a 360-degree solution from start to finish. That’s why we offer an agile reverse logistics service for damaged, repairable, warranty-covered and more types of spare parts returns.

At DANX, we accommodate and explore with each client new ways of meeting specific requirements. To ensure a smooth and efficient bynight-distribution process, we make agreements with dealers and technicians in advance. They then decide where and how they want to receive their parts, e.g. the back of their van (in-boot), or a specific location within their premises.

All our deliveries and distribution flows are efficiently managed by our Control Tower, where our customer service team offers 24/7 support. Whether you have a question or require more visibility on your shipments, we are always available to provide full support.

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We are committed to our clients’ success

When it comes to relying on a robust and fast in-night spare parts distribution, don’t take our word for it, trust our results.

Leading elevator and escalator manufacturer Schindler was facing significant logistical challenges in delivering spare parts to its branch offices in Norway. Longer delivery times and lack of shipment tracking data from previous logistic partners meant that Schindler spent considerable time and resources on communicating the whereabouts of specific deliveries to their technicians. Thanks to DANX, Schindler was able to move delivery preparation until 17:00, whilst also benefitting from having all shipments delivered to its branch offices before 07.00 the next morning. The switch to DANX resulted in shorter delivery times, improved tracking, and reduced inventory for Schindler, leading to less cost tied up in spare part stocks. Schindler also experienced a remarkable increase in machinery uptime due to faster repairs, essential in time-critical locations such as hospitals. The partnership with DANX has resulted in improved customer satisfaction, no real breakdowns, and a reliable solution for Schindler. Read more about our case study here

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Examples of our unique international in-night flow

Order received at DANX

Before 17:00



Fredericia 01:00


Order delivered in Denmark

Pre 07:00

Happy customer

Order received at DANX

Before 17:00







Order delivered in Gothenburg

Pre 07:00

Happy customer

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