EU Mobility Package

The impact of EU’s Mobility Package

The Mobility Package is an EU regulation that has the purpose of ensuring greater social responsibility, improve conditions for drivers, and promote fair competition - and it will have an impact on the industry now and in the future. As of February 2022, the second part of the regulation complex is applicable and you can learn more about some of the areas where the Mobility Package have an impact in this text.

Trucks are required to return to home

It is now obligatory for trucks to return home to the address of the owner or carrier every eight weeks before they can go on further international trips. This will have an impact on transport costs because it will affect the capacity on the market with more trucks not being available while driving to and from their home countries.

Cooling-off periods

A four-day cooling-off period is required for cabotage. The driver is allowed to take three rides within seven days followed by a four-day cooling-off period where the driver is not allowed to make any further cabotage trips within the same Member State.

Wage is no longer defined by country of origin

The truck drivers must be paid the minimum wage set in the country where the transportation is carried out. This means that the wage of the truck driver is no longer defined by the country of origin. If the driver carries out international cross-border transport, cabotage, etc., then the employer is required to pay the driver the minimum wage of the country where he carries out transportation – meaning that it is the wage and social standards of the country in which the transportation takes place, that apply. This will lead to an increase of costs.

Combined transport and cabotage will have the same restrictions

Combined transport will in the future have the same restrictions as cabotage when it comes to driving days and cooling down periods. This will have an impact on the costs of road transport as well.

The regulation will affect the industry

Even though better conditions for drivers are most certainly welcome, the implementation of the Mobility Package will result in the industry facing comprehensive changes and increased costs. This is naturally also the case for DANX. You can find more information on our Mobility Package surcharge here and learn more about the regulation following these links:




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