JS Energi

Helping JS Energi meet their growth ambitions in a time-critical field

Founded in the late 90s, JS Energi is the biggest heat pump service and installation company in Sweden. Starting out as a company selling heat pumps, they launched their spare parts web shop in 2015 and now offer service and installation from their own service technicians as well. They have been a customer of DANX since 2020

Tackling the challenge of speed

Heating and access to hot water – particularly during the winter months – is of critical importance and just one of the reasons why the heat pump industry is so critical. If a heat pump is not repaired quickly, there is also a risk of pipes bursting, resulting in leakages and damages to a customer’s home.

As an expert in the industry and with a fleet of their own service technicians, JS Energi realised how much time was being wasted picking up and waiting for spare parts, when everything else in their business was handed quickly and digitally. Expanding quickly, and hiring new technicians every month, JS Energi needed a partner that could resolve these issues, as well as support them in their future growth.

Optimisation was key

By choosing DANX, JS Energi is now able to optimise and use time in a more efficient way. Utilising DANX’s solution, JS Energi now receives spare parts, next day, pre-7 am; removing the need for technicians to go to the office to pick them up. Spare parts are also delivered directly to a technician’s home address, where their vans are located, so their working day can begin the moment they leave from home.

Enabling growth

For the end customer, this collaboration offers much shorter turnaround times – increasing first-time fix rates – and improving the customer experience overall.

Moreover, it has become easier and faster for JS Energi to expand, as better time management also makes it possible for technicians to cover a larger geographical area. As well as a better utilisation of assets, recruitment of technicians has also become easier. In that way, DANX has been integral to JS Energi’s business model, in supporting their growth ambitions. In fact, JS Energi has grown from a revenue of 43 msek to 100 msek in the last two years as well as with five new offices since they started the collaboration with DANX.

What next?

JS Energi is now expanding rapidly, hiring one to three new technicians every month and opening three to four new offices every year. The company’s collaboration with DANX – and specifically, the speed of delivery DANX offers - has helped the business go from strength to strength, achieved largely by the significant competitive advantage it now has.

Key benefits:

By partnering up with DANX, JS Energi has experienced the following:

  • Shorter turnaround times increasing first time fix rates

  • Improvement of end-customer experience

  • Easier recruitment of new technicians

  • Coverage of a larger geographical area, supporting growth ambitions

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