DANX is a company founded on strong values. These are values that are shared with our many employees and which is a motivation in their commitment to their work.
Our values are:


We have the integrity to keep our promises, to correct mistakes and proactively inform our customers.


We are all equals, performing different roles to achieve the same goal.
We treat our customers, partners and colleagues with the same respect that we want to achieve ourselves.


We strive for 100 % in everything we do in that way we ensure that our customers meet their customers high expectations.


Flexibility is our mindset and the key to our success.


As pioneers we think out of the box and create solutions for our customers needs. We are never satisfied and are constantly looking for new ways to improve.


We ensure our customers availability of spare parts through personal care and availability.


We are proud of our customers, our company and our people - we take pride in everything we do.

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