An optimized logistics solution that ensures service and moves people across Norway.

Schindler is a world-leading manufacturer within the elevator/escalator business and their elevators are often placed in highly time-critical places as hospitals, airports, and metro stations, where it might have tremendous negative effects if they are out of order.

The challenge

Schindler, as a company, has a large responsibility towards the citizens of Norway and have not been fully satisfied with their previous logistic partners due to longer delivery times and lack of package tracing information. Furthermore, it led to Schindler having to spend considerable time and resources on communicating the whereabouts of specific spare parts deliveries to their technicians. When looking for a new supplier, Schindler was looking for a reliable partner who could provide them with an up-to-date overview of their ongoing spare parts deliveries. Moreover, the wish to reduce inventory in its local branch warehouses all over Norway made it of utmost importance to find a dependable just as much as an affordable supplier that could meet not just one but all these challenges.

The solution

Schindler was contacted by the DANX sales team and agreed to do a test period in spring 2019, which led to a bigger expansion throughout the year due to excellent results. DANX took over nearly all their spare parts deliveries and provided them with an in-night solution where Schindler can prepare deliveries up until 17.00 in the afternoon, and consignments will still be delivered to Schindler’s branch offices the next morning before 07.00 AM. By switching to DANX from their previous supplier, Schindler got much shorter delivery times and excellent package information to track its consignments. For Schindler value is mainly created by DANX’ ability to deliver the next day, helping Schindler to keep down otherwise mounting express surcharges with other transport companies or to forego the quick fulfilment of time-sensitive jobs.

Key benefits:

  • Schindler has experienced a reduction in inventory, resulted in less money tied up in spare parts.

  • A massive increase in machinery uptime due to faster repair, which is crucial in places such as hospitals and other time-critical locations.

  • Improved customer experience due to its customers’ high satisfaction rate after cooperation with DANX.

  • DANX offers Schindler a very reliable solution, which has resulted in no real breakdowns and very tight cooperation.

  • Schindler has experienced consolidated delivery options by allowing the DANX drivers access to our branches with keys and codes.

“Schindler has been extremely satisfied since the beginning of the cooperation in 2019. DANX is a very professional and trusted logistic partner that offers reliability and good communication, which is essential for us to do our job”. Mathias Wolf, Manager Field Service Center, Schindler AS

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