Fulfilment Centre

At DANX, the ambition is to always offer our customers the most reliable and flexible services. With our fulfilment centre, our customers gain a full logistic supply chain, where we cater to their every need and enable them to avoid time-consuming picking and packing while offering the knowledge of logistic experts.


We provide a wide range of services in our fulfilment centres where everything is based on our customers’ specific needs paired with our skills in managing goods – always with complete transparency. We have skilled staff with knowledge in how to handle i.e., dangerous goods and goods within other industries where additional expertise is needed. Moreover, the goods will always be handled according to our customers’ needs. Services include:

  • Transport and receipt of your goods to and from the warehouse.

  • Safe, clean, and managed storage.

  • Efficient picking, packing, and shipping to your customers.

  • Placing and removing barcodes.

  • Repacking, checking, and modifying content.

  • Testing, updating, and recording data, kitting and more.

We provide full visibility and traceability of your goods

Our fulfilment centres provide a fast 24/7 service, all standard warehousing services as well as strong IT interfaces for transferring orders and instructions. All of this is in combination with our website where you can get full visibility of your stock and orders as well as traceability of shipments. That way, you will always be updated on the whereabouts of your goods.

Extensive return handling processes

Our extensive return handling processes include check, testing, warranty returns, ship to repair and scrapping including disassembly, sorting, and recycling to ensure an eco-friendly handling. Added to this are numerous specific customer requirements for special handling. We always listen to the needs of our customers and are able to offer flexible solutions.

Your goods are always safe with DANX

Security is paramount to us, and our warehouses have both physical protection, alarm systems and video surveillance. IT is similarly protected so we protect both your goods and the data surrounding them.

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