Terms and conditions

All our services rendered are subject to the General Conditions of the Nordic Freight Forwarders (NSAB2015).

Under these conditions our liability for the loss of, deterioration of or damage to goods is limited to SDR 8.33 per kg and our liability for delay is limited to the amount of the freight.

In connection with storage, the freight forwarders total liability for damage is limited to SDR 500,000 for any incident of damage occurred (clause 25).

Special attention is directed to the stipulations that claims against the freight forwarder are statute-barred after one year (clause 28) and that the lien on goods (clause 14) applies to both current and previous claims

Claims for freight etc. must be honoured regardless of the terms of delivery under the contract of sale or freight agreement (clause 11).

Please find links to the NSAB document in various languages below.

NSAB PDF in English
NSAB PDF in Danish
NSAB PDF in Swedish
NSAB PDF in Norwegian
NSAB PDF in Finnish

Danx Standard Volumetric Calculation

One cubic meter is equal to 200 kilograms.

DANX Fuel Adjustment - Nordic

The DANX fuel adjustment is based on the development of fuel, regulative and environmental related costs, in the countries where DANX operates. The surcharge is updated each quarter, based on the cost level for all the Nordic countries and the Baltics in the previous quarter. Information on development in diesel prices can be found on energy.ec.europa.eu

Fuel adjustment Q4 2023 (applicable as of 01-10-2023):

All Nordics: 34,11%

DANX Fuel Adjustment - Country specific

Committing to minimize the DANX impact on the environment and reducing our emissions in line with the EU target of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050; DANX is introducing a new fuel with baseline in 2022. The strategy is to implement greener fuel in the network by using different portions of fuel such as: diesel, HVO, biogas and electric cars. Due to big variations in costs per country, local sources are used for the calculations, giving our customers a local fuel adjustment and more transparency following the actual cost development by country. The surcharge is updated each month, based on the local cost level in the previous month.

Fuel adjustment November 2023 (applicable as of 01-11-2023):

Denmark : 0,00%
Sweden : 1,45%
Norway : 0,72%
Finland : 0,00 %
Baltics : 3,41 %
Poland : 0,00 %

EU Mobility Package Surcharge

As of February 2022, DANX is implementing a mandatory percentage-based surcharge on all cross-border line-hauls. This is due to the EU regulation complex known as the Mobility Package. As we do not know the full scope and consequence of the Mobility Package at the time of writing, we will reserve the right to make any required adjustments to the surcharge. Information on the Mobiltiy Package can be found on ec.europa.eu

EU Mobility Package surcharge Q2 2022: 3%
(applicable as of 01-04-2022).

Energy Surcharge

DANX will introduce a temporary energy surcharge, that will affect the price of storage for all warehouse customers. This is due to the exceptionally high electricity and heating prices. The surcharge will be updated quarterly and is based on the cost level in the previous quarter. The surcharge will be applicable from the below date:

Energy Surcharge (applicable as of 01-10-2023):

SE: 0%
NO: 0%
DK: 2,69%
FI: To be updated

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

DANX accepts only certain selected types and amounts of dangerous goods, and only when the conditions have been clarified and signed in the transport agreement/contract. To ensure sufficient identification of dangerous goods all customers must answer whether their shipments contain dangerous goods, or not. This also applies to dangerous goods in limited and excepted quantities or dangerous goods which is not subject to the current regulation according to other specific and special exemption provisions. The exact cause, e.g. “Dangerous Goods in limited quantities”, or the current special Provision number or other exact § or chapter number must be stated.

It is of utmost importance that our customers provide us with the complete and correct information about any dangerous goods to be carried and that all routines between us as participants are described in the contract.

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