DANX is your partner when you need fast, efficient and reliable delivery of spare parts within 12 hours. Our core product is our unique network of distribution flows from Central Europe to Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and the Baltics. We have a super-flexible distribution network that enables us to tailor all the individual distribution flows to the needs of the individual customer.

In addition, our large network of more than 29 FSLs and 86 PUDOs provides you with a partner is able to save you both time and money when e.g. we deliver the ordered parts right to the vehicle of the technician at the agreed time - DANX has the highest delivery precision in the market with a guaranteed 99 % on-time performance on all deliveries across the Nordic region and the Baltics.

Map of our PUDO's

Map of our FSL

When companies partner with DANX, they no longer need to have their own decentralised warehouses in the Baltics and the Nordic region. With DANX's network and distribution solutions, you have full access to the entire range of spare parts at the Central European warehouse in less than 12 hours.

In addition to a flexible and strong network of by-night distribution options, we also have our own IT department. It helps ensure that we adapt to the workflows and processes of our clients - and never the other way around. By way of example, the IT department programs our systems to be able to read customer labels, we can establish EDI integration with all systems, view inventory status, and much more. We also have a return app which enables our customers to track their return shipments in the same way as all other packages. DANX is an agile partner which goes a long way to provide an easy and efficient process.

Here are some examples of element to choose from when we tailor a DANX distribution solution:

Key access to service vans
Drop boxes outside facilities
Unlocked but safe spots
Full or partial access to locked and alarmed service facilities
Manned drop points

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