Development for Growth

The employees' engagement, passion and competence are undoubtedly the reason why an organisation experiences great success. And having an engaged team also comes down to the skillset that the manager has in order to enhance and contain the engagement. This is something we are aware of at DANX Carousel group.

It is important for us that our employees have the tools and support they need to be successful in their roles – also when it comes to being a team manager. Therefore, we make sure that we provide the necessary resources to continuously develop our employees, which is at the heart of our Development for Growth programme.

Development for Growth is an internally developed programme for Junior and Middle managers at DANX Carousel. The programme provides participants with the skills and tools needed to be successful in current and future roles – and specially to keep their teams engaged. It is facilitated by internal and external development experts and includes four modules that stretch over 12 months.

Focus areas of the programme

The focus of the programme is to challenge the participants’ own beliefs and get them out of their comfort zone where we believe that learning really takes place. It is a highly interactive development programme and touches upon different areas that are vital to know when entering a management role at DANX Carousel group. Some of the areas that you will touch upon when participating in the programme includes the following:

  • Management tools, leadership values and leadership style

  • Knowledge of customers, sales, and supply chain

  • Management of projects, strategy, change and career planning

  • Understanding of support and business functions

  • Linking participants' skills to best business practices

  • Increasing participant visibility to the wider organization and networking opportunities.

Going beyond borders

Besides getting great insights into relevant areas of the management skillset, you also get to go beyond geographical borders when participating in the Development for Growth programme.

As an international company, operating in different parts of Europe, the programme will also have participants from various countries. This means that you will get to visit different sites of the organisation where some of the sessions will take place – which is great for getting to know your colleagues from other countries and expanding your network within the organisation.

Driving managers to become the best leaders for their teams

As a company, it is our ambition to educate our managers and make sure they possess the skills and competencies that the various companies within our group need in order to continue growing. But it is also about making sure that our employees undergo the personal development that drives them to become the best leaders for their teams.

With this programme we want to drive the managers in the organisation to become exactly that - the best leaders for their teams – so we can continuously enhance engagement as well as continue growing and contain our success.

If you are interested in knowing more about the programme you can always get in touch by following this link or have a look at our vacancies here.

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