Working at DANX

Working at DANX means that you become part of an international company that covers the entire Nordic and Baltic region.

Since merging with UK-based Carousel Logistics in 2022 and forming the DANX Carousel group, we have expanded our geographical reach and you can therefore expect to work closely with colleagues located in different parts of Europe such as Germany, the UK, and Netherlands.

Our international setup enables an exciting framework where you will be constantly exposed to different cultures and inclusive values, resulting in a huge pool of opportunities – both locally and internationally.

Moreover, our customers rely on our ability to make their distribution work seamlessly across borders and we are therefore always looking for people with an international mindset, - where understanding different cultures and challenges as well as connecting with various needs and backgrounds is at the core.

Keep reading if you want to know more about what it is like working at DANX and what you can expect if you become part of the company.

Exposure to multiple industries

As we work with a wide range of industries, from IT to agriculture and the automotive industry, working at DANX means that you will gain experience across multiple sectors. You’ll get to learn about new markets, clients and trends - and common to the industries we work with is that they are all time-critical – which makes our job super important.

A fast-paced environment

Working in an international company that specialises in time-critical logistics means that you will experience the changing aspects and requirements of a very fast-paced environment where you will face new challenges every day. This will give you access to great development opportunities where you will become good at juggling many tasks at once. If you are open to unexpected challenges and development opportunities, DANX may be just the right place for you.


As learning is one of our three values, you will gain access to knowledge and training to help you grow, both professionally and personally. We can i.e. offer internally developed programmes such as our Development for Growth programme to support our employees and their ambitions as well as other useful courses depending on your area of work. We see our employees as the key to our success and investing in them, as well as providing the opportunity to continuously develop and perform, is important to us.

Growing together to reach our goals

After merging with Carousel Logistics in 2022, we are growing together to position ourselves as the European leader within the time-critical logistics space. This makes it a very exciting time to join the DANX team. You will get a unique perspective in witnessing the efforts of two companies working towards becoming the pan-European logistics provider and you will be able to influence the process yourself.

Does this sound like an interesting working place for you? Then have a look at our vacancies to see if anything fits your profile.

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