Power up your supply chain: all you need to know about battery logistics in the Nordics, Baltics and Eastern European territory.

Battery logistics can be seen as more complicated than typical supply chains because of the dangers associated with lithium batteries, regulations for packing, disposal, and changing regulations. And this is true in particular in the Nordics, Eastern Europe and the Baltics, because the proximity to the war in Ukraine continues to challenge supply chain logistics 


As a result of the war, thousands of Ukrainian road transport employees left their roles to join the military force, or have been unable to leave Ukraine. According to Spiegel, over 100,000 Ukrainian drivers were employed in Poland alone – road freight capacity is down by around 7% as a result of the war, highlighting the pressing need for efficient and specialist solutions for spare parts logistics, especially in the context of the evolving challenges of the battery market. 


Consequently, the likes of the rail hub Małaszewicze hub in Poland, close to the Belarus border, have seen an increase in traffic, according to FourKites.  


So, alongside staying agile and reacting to an ever-evolving landscape as the war continues, there are other issues that are specific to battery logistics. These include (but are by no means limited to) rapid market growth, the integration of supply chains (i.e. thermic and electric, safety & ‘cradle to grave’ responsibility, disposal & recycling, and real-time monitoring. 


The Scandinavian region is extremely sustainability-driven, and both abides by and cares about the regulations and their implications. Which is why at DANX we take our responsibilities very seriously – not just in compliance terms but making a tangible difference by striving to be as eco-conscious as we can be.  


The Baltics is made up of three very different countries – they have diverse histories, different languages and distinct cultural identities. This is the result of an extensive legacy from eras under German, Polish, Swedish, Russian and Soviet rule. For DANX though – a company that has both established itself and thrived across the Baltic region – these cultural differences are not only acknowledged by our teams and drivers alike, but they are also par for the course. 


Which makes sense for both the company and our customers. After all, at DANX, we are here to make sure the process of battery logistics is as smooth as possible, with our expert solutions and range of logistics services, irrespective of the political landscape.  


The market for battery logistics is set to grow exponentially, driven by an increased demand in electric vehicles. In Eastern Europe, the share of electric cars to traditional cars is in fact very low compared to Western Europe, but that does not mean there is not rapid growth or demand predicted, according to Deutsche Bank. “In Europe, e-mobility gains momentum (market share in 2022: 22.9%; BEV and PHEV). Market shares of newly registered electric cars were highest in Northern Europe. Electric cars remain underrepresented in Eastern and Southern Europe. High purchase prices, low incomes and an underdeveloped charging infrastructure are reasons for this.” So, it says, manufacturers and dealers should expect to be transporting more batteries in the coming years. 


One of the main challenges relating to transporting batteries is storage, because they are liable to combust. For this reason, companies must adhere to regulations mandating separate packaging with additional outer layer to ensure safety during transit. Though it should be noted that the EU is set to introduce more requirements surrounding this topic in the near future 


For example, they are introducing a Battery Passport. As of February 18, 2027, industrial batteries with a capacity greater than 2 kWh must be electronically registered with a battery passport – this will have a QR code and CE marking. It will provide information about the battery such as handling instructions and recycling or repurposing efforts. 


For environmental reasons, and to make the market competitive with China, the EU’s regulations are evolving. Last August saw one of the biggest introductions of laws and regulation, including the announcement about the passport. So, stay tuned and make sure you are up to date with regulations for the EU and specific countries. 


If you have any questions at all, DANX is here to help – our experienced team will make sure you can safely, efficiently transport your batteries.  


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