We believe that there can be little organizational growth if we as individuals first, do not learn and grow. At DANX we provide you with the infrastructure to continually learn and develop.

From your first days with us, going through your onboarding plan and induction courses, one thing is certain: You will learn a lot about yourself and our business, develop new skills and competencies, network with DANX colleagues and last but not least, have fun and grow.

Targeted training

DANX offers a variety of training and development solutions, targeting different needs and different stages of your career within the DANX organization. We offer employees and managers a comprehensive catalogue of further education and training opportunities. This ranges from a basic portfolio for all, to specialized training to meet the specific needs of the division or function involved. These solutions are available to all DANX employees as part of an agreed development plan.

DANX Academy

The DANX Academy is our on online platform accessible by all DANX employees that offers both TECH courses such as MS Office and development courses such as leadership, customer service, personal development and much more. It is also through our Academy that you will accomplish your first training within DANX – the e-induction course which you will be invited to take before you start working for us.

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