At DANX, we are determined to live our values, and with Learning being one of them, providing our employees with targeted training and development opportunities is essential for us. We are aware that people learn in different ways – however, we believe that learning is most efficient through a combination of formal training, direct feedback and “on the job experience” – which is what we aim to provide our employees.

One of the tools that is an essential part of our learning and training opportunities is the DANX Academy. The academy is our own online platform accessible to all employees and is an opportunity for them to further learn and develop – either through their own interest and initiative or in agreement with their manager.

Through the academy, you will be able to access a wide range of different courses. These courses range from TECH courses such as learning within MS Office and development courses such as leadership, customer service, personal development and much more.

It is also through our DANX Academy platform that you will complete your first mandatory training within the company – the e-induction course. This course is an important part of our onboarding programme and one that all new employees will be invited to complete before they start working at DANX.

Targeted training

Besides the DANX Academy, we offer a variety of training and development programmes, targeting different needs at different stages of your career. This includes a comprehensive catalogue of education and training opportunities that ranges from a fundamental portfolio available for everyone, to specialised training in order to meet the specific needs of each role. These assets will be available to all employees as part of an agreed development plan with your team manager.

Have a look at our Development for Growth programme if you are interested in knowing more about the development opportunities, we offer specifically to team managers or have a look at our vacancies to see which roles we are looking for at the moment.

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