Automotive Distribution

Maximise productivity for technicians and deliver excellent customer service, with distribution solutions designed for the automotive industry

The automotive sector depends on the timely and efficient distribution of spare parts. As an automotive manufacturer, you need a logistics partner that not only lets you keep on top of demand but helps you stay ahead of the game.

DANX specialises in industry-specific distribution. We have a 20-year track record of providing leading automotive manufacturers with tailormade logistics solutions, across the Nordics, Baltics, and Poland. Unlike generalist distributors, we have an in-depth understanding of your industry, your downstream supply chain, and the logistical challenges you face.

Our time-critical distribution, warehousing, and Forward-Stocking (FSL) solutions are designed to increase your reach, maximise responsiveness, and help you build an uncompromising reputation for excellent customer service.

Choose automotive specialists, with regional expertise

Your ability to meet and surpass customer expectations relies on having a logistics partner who not only knows the demands of your industry but also understands the regional distribution challenges you face. Most generalist distributors are not equipped to offer this – but we’re different.

Choosing DANX gives you access to decades of automotive logistics expertise and time-critical distribution solutions which are designed to help you reach even the most remote sites across the region on time.

Keeping you agile as the industry changes

The automotive industry is evolving; manufacturers are adapting to accommodate autonomous driving technology, new safety measures and electric vehicles. Alongside these developments, supply chains are undergoing significant digital transformation.

This all means that the way you do business is changing. Adopting agile distribution practices will make sure you can answer demand and adapt to changing market conditions. No matter what changes, DANX distribution solutions will help you:

  • Transport and store batteries, safely

  • Achieve faster, first-time fix rates

  • Ensure rapid returns

  • Fine-tune inventory management

Get a faster-than-express service

We distribute auto batteries and parts of any shape or size from factories across Europe, within 12 hours. Plus, we offer over 99 % on-time delivery. With DANX as your partner, you can eliminate supply chain inefficiency and dramatically increase uptime for technicians.

Trust a proven distribution network

Maximise operational efficiency with a custom-built distribution solution, designed by experts who know your industry.

Streamline the flow of spare parts

Keep operations running smoothly, day and night, by ensuring fast, uninterrupted flow of spare parts throughout your network.

Extend your reach

With our 6 regional distribution centres and 29 Forward Stocking Locations at your disposal, you can make sure goods arrive on every site, on time.

Make use of 24/7 support

Get complete peace of mind thanks to our 24/7 support facility. We’re always on hand to answer your call.

Join the automotive manufacturers using our services

The automotive industry has always been our largest market; over the past 20 years, we’re proud to have worked with Daimler, Toyota, Volvo, MAN Truck & Bus, Honda, BMW, KIA, Hyundai, Fiat, Subaru, amongst others.

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