Distribution in Norway

DANX expanded its network to Norway in 2005. Since then we have worked tirelessly with our customers to ensure the unique quality of distribution, despite the challenges that the Norwegian infrastructure presents.

This network is tailormade for our existing customers – and it is continuously expanding to meet the needs of new customers. We take pride in adapting, evolving and meeting our customers’ expectations no matter where they are located.

One of the key factors in us being the fastest in-night provider in Norway is that our vast fleet of vehicles (trailers, distribution trucks and delivery vans) is dedicated to our customers only. We are in complete control of every aspect of the distribution from A to Z without relying on partners outside the DANX infrastructure.

Our fleet is serving over 100 dedicated routes and thousands of customers. At every link there is experienced personnel to ensure that customers all over the country get the same level of extraordinary service.

Throughout Norway our network of FSLs and PUDOs are rapidly expanding. That enables us to have the highly flexible and tailormade distribution network we are known for – even in the harshest winter storms.

These tools have made it possible for us to deliver the fastest road distribution to Northern Norway. After a customer places an order, we will be able do fulfill that delivery for example to Tromsø on day 2 before 07:00.

To save valuable time for our customers we provide delivery directly inside of our customers technician cars/vans during the night, so they do not spend valuable time picking up their goods at their local warehouse. Or at a desired location at their place of business.

Most of Norway is covered by our 12-hour distribution timeframe except some of the northernmost locations which is covered by air, even then with goods delivered before lunch.

In addition to this we are enthusiastic about our customer support. As long as our cars are driving, you, as a customer, are one phone call away from firsthand information from our dedicated operators.

We are ready to meet your transportation needs in Norway 24/7/365.

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