Warehousing and FSLs

Efficient warehousing solutions: your reliable choice for the Nordic & Baltic regions

Delayed spare parts deliveries can cause reduced productivity, reduced sales and even damage reputation. That’s why where and how effectively you store your spare parts will significantly impact your performance and customer service, while also make a difference in engineers and technicians’ uptime.

We know that when equipment or machinery is down, every minute counts, and we strive to provide a swift service designed around your needs. The DANX warehouses network helps to extend your coverage, allowing you to have spare parts as near as possible to your final destinations.

We have created a robust infrastructure of Forward Stocking Locations (FSLs) in the Nordic, Baltic, and Polish territories, which enables us to provide 24/7 delivery, right when you need it. With 29 FSLs strategically distributed across the Nordic and Baltic regions, we guarantee a pick-up time in less than 15 minutes during regular office hours and less than one hour in the evening and on weekends.

DANX’s warehousing solutions

Flexibility and speed are what make DANX’s warehousing solutions competitive and reliable. From storage to inventory management and order fulfilment, we look after your parts from the moment we receive them until they reach their final destination, with the capability to offer different options based on your unique requirements. For instance, you can opt for same-day delivery to the engineer’s repair location, or take advantage of our PUDO network, selecting a convenient nearby location for engineers to pick up spare parts themselves, further reducing delivery time.

Storage – We provide a wide range of storage solutions, including bulk, shelf, and bin storage, as well as traditional rack solutions in all our FSLs and distribution centres. Our team will take great care in handling your stock and ensure accurate record-keeping of your inventory. We also take into consideration any specific storage requirements that may be unique to your industry, e.g. battery, dangerous and hazardous goods storage.

Inventory management & order fulfilment – Our expert teams will handle all orders, packaging, labelling and picking. And best of all, we integrate our data with your own IT system. This not only makes things clear but also allows us to easily blend our service with your current systems, saving you time and resources whilst improving your inventory management.

Pick-up & delivery – We understand that our clients have specific needs and tight deadlines to meet engineers’ repairs schedules. That’s why we commit to help reduce downtime caused by breakdowns and repairs. Technicians and engineers have the option to either pick up the spare part themselves or request courier delivery. We accommodate any delivery locations, whether it’s your site or where the technician is working.

Nordic and Baltic coverage

Besides our 29 forward stocking locations, DANX’s distribution network also comprises of 4 Regional Distribution Centres (RDCs), located in Oslo, Copenhagen, Jönköping, and Stockholm. Here, spare parts are picked up and prepared for the overnight distribution operations. Serving as hubs for both storage and distribution, our RDCs can be a cost-efficient solution for customers who wish to maintain only one warehouse in the Nordic region.

We believe in being proactive, and our network enables us to anticipate our clients' needs, ensuring quick availability of spare parts for timely dispatch. This way, we can guarantee your business four key benefits:

Reduced shipping costs – Strategically located hubs allow us to deliver your parts faster, even in remote locations, ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum.

Improved inventory management – Distributing your stock across different locations enable your supply chain to have the right spare parts in the right places, reducing waste and stockouts.

Increased flexibility – By intentionally spreading your stock you can adjust your inventory levels and distribution strategies to respond to changes in demand and market fluctuating times.

Enhanced customer service – At DANX, we prioritise customer satisfaction and aim to provide exceptional service every step of the way. Focusing on providing seamless services, our 24/7 solution minimises disruptions and enables your end customer to promptly get back to business as usual.

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