An optimized logistic partner solution that drives sustainability throughout the Nordic countries.

Helping a multinational manufacturer to ensure quality and provide its customers with fast and efficient service in the time-sensitive field.

Our customer, Bosch Siemens, is the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe and a global leader worldwide. BSH operates 40 factories around the world and has a workforce of more than 52.000 employees.

The challenge

The biggest challenge for BSH is to ensure a fast and reliable service for their customers when their home appliances break down. Home appliances are a valuable part of the customer’s home, and it is crucial to get them repaired as soon as possible. Imagine that your refrigerator breaks down and you have to wait 4-5 days to get it repaired! You might consider buying a new refrigerator instead of waiting for the repair. With DANX as logistic partner, the spare parts arrive within 1 day and the customer is more likely to choose to repair an existing home appliance. Sustainability is an essential parameter for BSH, and with a fast and reliable flow of spare parts, BSH reduces the environmental impact of their business.

The beginning of the cooperation

BSH became a DANX customer in 2014 and started with a warehouse solution in Sweden. After experiencing the good DANX quality, BSH expanded the cooperation with DANX to Denmark and Norway. Since 2017 DANX have managed the BSH warehouses, delivering spare parts with our fast in-night solution and handling all of the returns.

The solution

Today, the BSH technicians order the necessary spare part before 17.00 in the afternoon, and then DANX delivers the spare part into the technician’s van before 07.00 the next morning. The specialized in-night solution allows the technician to do what he/she does best and increases the number of machines repaired per day.

Furthermore, DANX has also come up with a solution called ‘espresso service’ where DANX picks up the broken espresso machines from private customers and transports them to the repair site, and delivers them back when they have been repaired.

BSH sees DANX as a true partner and has, on numerous occasions, used our expertise and cooperation to come up with new and better solutions. At one point, BSH needed to transport dangerous goods to the Baltics, and within a month, DANX came up with an innovative distribution solution that solved the challenge.

Key benefits:

  • BSH has experienced a massive increase in engineer and machinery uptime due to faster repair, which results in more satisfied customers.

  • BSH has improved the customer experience due to its customers’ high satisfaction rate after cooperating with DANX.

  • DANX offers BSH a very flexible ‘partner’ solution, e.g. DANX transporting the espresso machines back and forth from repair to ensure shortest possible down time.

  • The home appliance field is time-critical, and therefore it is important for BSH to have a partner that can deliver their spare part pre 07.00 in the morning.

  • The DANX’s fast return system is of great value to BSH. A BSH technicians has a large assortment of spare parts as it makes a difference if they only have to visit a customer with a repair requirement once. This means that many spare parts are returned to the original warehouse. The sooner this happens, the sooner they can be sent out again.

“I like and value the good communication we have with DANX, it is essential for the good cooperation, and it makes my job much easier. As a manager, the daily reports are of much value, and it keeps me in the loop of what is going on. I am genuinely impressed by the DANX warehouse and its high-tech equipment. It is amazing how large volumes DANX can handle with so few employees. BSH is very satisfied with DANX and is looking forward to much more cooperation In the future”. Dmitry Nikonov Logistics Manager Northern Europe.

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