Battery Logistics

Power up your battery logistics with DANX as your logistics partner

Batteries are one of the main drivers in the electrification of today’s society. In the automotive industry, we have seen a growth in demand for electric vehicles. This demand increases the need for reliable solutions when it comes to the logistics of battery spare parts. Transportation of EV batteries and other lithium-ion batteries is very complex, which makes it essential to have a reliable logistics partner. This is where DANX comes into play, providing our customers with a third-party approved service that copes with the logistic challenges.

At DANX, we have vast experience with recall projects and have supported several customers in the industry with their battery logistics. Whether a recall project or replacement of large quantities of batteries is required or you need support for your end-of-life logistics, we have created a supply chain solution that helps our customers from pick up to delivery. Moreover, we support you with a fully controlled supply chain for both your plug-in hybrid and hybrid batteries, as well as your full electric vehicle batteries.

With our 6 RDCs, 29 FSLs, and 86 PUDOs across the Nordic region and the Baltics, together with a large fleet of trucks and fast vans, we can provide our customers with the industry's strongest and most flexible distribution network for their battery logistics. This strong network makes it possible for us to work fast and always deliver your batteries to the agreed time. Moreover, we continuously make an effort to optimize our distribution flows and meet our customers’ needs.

At DANX, we understand the importance of feeling safe and secure throughout the transportation process. This especially applies to battery logistics since it is categorized as dangerous goods and poses a safety risk.

We are committed to providing services that adhere to the quality standards, and our battery logistics processes are approved by Bureau Veritas as well as ISO certified and audited internally. Moreover, our staff is educated according to the regulations of ADR. With our experience and expertise in handling the logistic challenges of battery spare parts, we always bring a safe, reliable, and compliant service to our customers. That way, you can safely leave your battery logistics to us.

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