Increase your operational efficiency by up to 34% with our dedicated Sweden-Finland air freight service.

At DANX, we know that every minute counts when it comes to machine downtime.

We help field technicians and dealers across Finland to speed up the repair process, by delivering the parts they need before 07:00, 5 days a week.

Our company-owned Sweden to Finland air freight service, the ‘Nordic Freighter’, combined with our By:Night service, seamlessly ships spare parts throughout the night, offering delivery in van, on site or to a chosen location, before breakfast.

By improving the delivery speed of critical parts, technicians and dealers gain 10+ hours of service time each week, increasing operational efficiency by up to 34%.

Why choose DANX? We offer:

  • Late collection, early delivery
  • Flexible final mile options (PUDOs, in-boot, to-locker and more)
  • Control tower for visibility
  • Full country coverage across Finland
  • Simple & flexible returns process

With decades of experience in the time-critical logistics industry, DANX has built a reputation for excellence in providing timely and reliable solutions.

Choose DANX for:

  • Faster Repairs - With earlier delivery of critical parts, technicians start work sooner, speeding up the repair process.
  • Increased efficiency - We deliver direct to dealers, service vehicles, on site or to a chosen location, reducing both your stem mileage and machine downtime.
  • Growth in market share - Speedier repairs ensures customer loyalty and satisfaction, giving you a competitive advantage.

Download our Sweden to Finland pre-breakfast delivery schedule.

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