Five minutes with: Malene Vig Hjarnaa, Chief HR Officer

"I enjoy the diverse working environment and being able to give others the opportunity to develop in their career"

When starting out your career it is natural to think that you would like to try working with different areas within your profession and possibly also work for multiple companies throughout the years. So, what is it about a company that makes you stay longer than you thought you would?

Meet Malene Vig Hjarnaa, our Chief HR Officer, who has been with DANX, part of DANX Carousel group, for 10 years. During her 10 years she has had loads of opportunities and different roles which has played a huge part in why she has stayed for that long.

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Growth comes with opportunities

As the Chief HR Officer, Malene is involved in many decisions and projects. But that has not been her role the entire time she has worked at the company. In fact, she started out as PA & Marketing Manager, having a more sales-focused role in the company to begin with. But working at a fast-growing company has proven to come with a lot of different opportunities:

“One of the reasons why I have stayed for this long is because of the development the company has gone through – and the willingness to welcome change. Even though I’ve been at the same company for 10 years it feels like I’ve been at 10 different companies – or have had 10 different roles. I have continuously gotten more responsibility and the opportunity to try different things – which has in large parts been due to the growth journey the company has been and still is on together with my own curiosity and willingness to say yes to new opportunities.”

Working in a diverse environment

Besides experiencing tremendous development opportunities through her 10 years at the company, the fact that she gets to work with many different people in a diverse environment is high on Malene’s list when asked what she likes about her job:

“I enjoy being around many different types of people and I really like the diverse working environment. We are an international company, meaning that you often have meetings with people from different parts of Europe during the week. And having to work with many different cultures is something you can really learn from – both on a personal and a professional level. Moreover, I like to function as a mentor and sparring partner – and being able to give other people a chance to develop in their career is something I find very giving.”

A “can do”-culture

Besides the diverse working environment, what also characterises the company is the sense that everything is possible – sort of a “can do”-culture according to Malene. This particular way of working is in addition something she enjoys about the company – and also something that comes with a lot of learning and development:

“You get this feeling that everything is possible and that you can achieve everything. The company has a very horizontal structure, meaning that you don’t have to go through a lot of people to get the job done. There is a lot of trust in the employees and taking ownership of your tasks is something we really try to promote – and also something I see as important for learning and development.”

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