Five minutes with Elias Weldemichael, Control Tower Agent

"DANX is a company with a focus on development and growth and that really pays off"

At DANX, our success is not just measured in shipments delivered, but also in the stories of our diverse and talented team members.


Our dedicated Control Tower Agent, Elias Weldemichael's story with DANX began in 2017, marking the start of a remarkable professional journey at the company. Transitioning from a background in data analytics, Elias now navigates the complex world of route management, ensuring seamless operations for our logistics processes.


If you are interested in knowing what a Control Tower Agent does and why Elias has returned to DANX, you should keep reading…


Embracing a new challenge in the Control Tower

Having previously worked for the DANX FSL, Elias has taken on a new challenge as a Control Tower Agent. Working as a Control Tower Agent in road logistics both involves sorting terminal goods and loading and unloading linehaulers as well as a focus on route management, overseeing the vehicles to ensure efficient traffic flow and timely deliveries. 


“Sometimes the system throws in an unexpected challenge with errors or missing drivers for a shipment, and it's on us to correct things according to the delivery address, ensuring that the goods arrive at the right place at the agreed upon time."


Elias further explains how the Control Tower Agents correct mismatches in packages and the occasional need for rebalancing shipments among drivers to optimise efficiency. When asked what he likes about the job he states: 


“Working as a Control Tower Agent is still quite new to me, and I am still learning. But what I like most about any new job is really the new challenge that I get to take on – and you get to encounter new challenges every day at DANX."


Thriving under pressure

Working as a control Tower Agent in road logistics demands a high level of skill in handling pressure and navigating a dynamic environment. As the nature of the job involves responding to real-time challenges and unexpected disruptions in the transportation network, working under pressure is part of the daily routine for Elias, and, luckily, he thrives in such an environment. His ability to stay cool under pressure, coupled with strong communication skills, are some of the things that make him a great fit for the DANX team. 


“There’s always something going on and a new challenge to overcome. I do have the skill of thriving under pressure and staying calm in situations that can feel very hard to manage. I love it and really enjoy working under that kind of pressure."


Returning to well-known grounds

As mentioned, Elias’ job as a Control Tower Agent is not the first one, he has had at DANX. Starting off in 2017 as a cleaning assistant and later in the FSL, Elias went on to use his education as a Data Analyst in another company. After a while, Elias returned to DANX, and the return was not only a professional reunion but also a choice driven by an appreciation for the company's values and opportunities. In his own words, Elias expresses his pride in coming back, stating: 


“I am proud to be back at DANX. I appreciate the diversity and getting to work with people from different parts of the World as well as the great network I have built here. So, for me, it is great to return. DANX is a company where working hard and doing your best really pays off and there is a big focus on development and growth which I think is unique.”


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