Five minutes with: Daniel Skov, Strategy Manager

"Working at DANX Carousel group means that you become part of a journey where you have an impact and learn a lot" 

Being able to develop and have an impact is often high on most people’s agenda when they are looking for the next opportunity in their career. Daniel Skov, Strategy Manager at DANX Carousel group, has indeed experienced the opportunities that come with working in a company that is on a fast growth journey. 


Continue reading if you would like to learn more about how Daniel went from Student Assistant to Strategy Manager and why he enjoys working in DANX Carousel.

From Student Assistant to Strategy Manager

Daniel kicked off his career at DANX, now DANX Carousel group, in the summer of 2019 as a Student Assistant after being referred to the company through his network. And a lot has happened since: 


“I started as a Student Assistant and was eventually hired a year after for a full-time position when I had finished my studies. My title then was Business Analyst. Then I got promoted to Senior Business Analyst and now my title has become Strategy Manager. So, I’ve had many opportunities in what I believe to be quite a short period of time, and I think that is very characteristic of the company. You have endless opportunities if you put some effort in”. 

No two days are the same

When working as a Strategy Manager, Daniel gets to touch base with many different areas that have to do with the strategic aspects of the company. He projects manages strategic initiatives, develops business cases, and works with M&A. All tasks where being good at conveying complex information is an advantage but it is really the very diverse set of tasks that Daniel enjoys the most: 


“I enjoy having these varied working tasks because it means that I am being challenged within a wide range of areas and I often have to learn new things. That way, it never gets boring. And I also really enjoy the impact that my job can have on the business. To me, it is important to feel that you make a difference and I see that as a huge motivation for me to keep going”. 

A growth journey that comes with opportunities

To Daniel, his time at DANX Carousel has so far been a journey of opportunities and has given him a great start to his career. 


“I really enjoy the journey you become part of when working at DANX Carousel. It’s great to be on such a growth journey and part of a company that is currently going through a huge transformation. It has given both myself, but surely also my colleagues, a lot of opportunities that I am not sure I would have gained at this point in my career had I been working at a different company. 


He elaborates…


”Being part of a transformation and a growth journey is really exciting and I enjoy being able to make improvements and support the company in its future growth”. 


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