Update on the present situation in DANX as per 30 April 2020

Dear Customers

In DANX we currently see a positive trend both in terms of the Nordic countries starting to open up certain sections of society and that the situation for some of our customers is slowly starting to look like normal.

At DANX we continue to be heavily affected by the restrictions that remain in force and the necessary precautions that we take to keep everybody safe, and we also see a large number of customers who still feel the negative impact of the Corona crisis.

We will monitor the situation closely during the next weeks and will continusouly look into how the development in volumes affect our distribution system and the measures we can take on a daily basis to restore our quality. Our main focus will however also during the next weeks be to secure the safety of our employees and drivers and you will therefore still see an impact on our SLAs.

We will continue to update you on any developments within our distribution system on our website and through our daily morning reports. If you want to receive our daily morning report please write to your local Control Tower or Customer Service.

Yours sincerely,


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