DANX opens warehouse close to Arlanda Airport,Sweden

DANX is always looking for ways to optimize delivery times and expand the service for our customers. In this case we have significantly improved both by adding a new terminal in the Northern part of Stockholm. We have previously only been in the southern part of Stockholm but as the need for additional space both for sorting, cross-docking and warehousing grew, we decided to invest in yet another facility. This location not only brings us closer to Arlanda Airport – it is actually situated at the next exit on the highway - it will also save a couple of hours of transport for the dealers and customers in the middle and the very Northern parts of Sweden

With the new warehouse we can offer our customers various forms of storage and office space.

The new facility features the following:

  • High bay warehouse with room for 2500 pallet places

  • Office size is 400 square meters

  • Plenty of parking space

  • Warehouse size is 2200 square meters

  • Nine loading docs

  • Space and capacity for heavy trucks

  • Flexible opening hours

  • The warehouse is heated, safety approved and ready to use

If you want to learn more about our storage facilities or improved infrastructure please contact Head of Sales Ann-Sofi Ståhl at or +46 8 5563 6800.

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