New restrictions due to Covid 19 in Northen part of Jutland/Denmark

The Danish government announced the 5th of November 2020 new Covid-19 implementations, which have significant restrictions on seven municipalities in Northern Jutland. The seven municipalities are Hjøring, Frederikshavn, Brønderslev, Jammerbugt, Vesthimmerland, Thisted and Læsø. The new Covid-19 restrictions will also affect the possibilities for transporting goods and applies until the 3rd of December. The new implications apply from the 9th of November and, therefore, will not affect the distribution at the weekend to come.

Transporting goods is categorized as a critical function, and therefore it will be possible to transport goods in and out of the above-mentioned seven municipalities. There are, however, certain exceptions: Drivers who live in one of the seven municipalities are determined as not having a critical function, therefore, the drivers and other employees that live in the mentioned municipalities may not work outside the seven municipalities. However, they are still allowed to transport and work within the seven affected municipalities. The new restriction means in practice that the drivers who live in the affected municipalities are not allowed to pick up parcels in our terminal in Aalborg.

Other drivers who live outside the municipalities can transport goods in and out of the municipalities but should not spend more time than needed within the municipalities. DANX has drivers who live in the affected seven municipalities, which results in a rearrangement of routes while also finding new drivers on the routes located in Northern Jutland. We will do anything in our power to keep our network running with as little effect on our receivers in those areas as possible. DANX does not have the full overview just yet, but we will update all of our customers continuously.

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