ESLA 10th Anniversary

DANX was one of the founding members of the European Service Logistics Association (ESLA) ten years ago, and the cooperation has only become better and stronger throughout the years. With ESLA we have a European alignment on our service logistics offering and the best in class quality that is an integral part hereof. All members of the association and our customers have profited from the collective commercial and operational know-how.

Exactly ten years ago today, the leading heads of European spare parts logistics met in Copenhagen and set the course for the European Spare Parts Network called ESLA.At that time, the companies Lagermax, SLS, LPR, and of course DANX were involved.After the foundation in October 2011, the cooperation quickly took off, and over the years QualiNight, LM2S and Carousel joined as unique partners. “Our initiative quickly proved to be the right step at the right time. ESLA is now the largest European spare parts network in Europe and has been able to grow continuously even in times of crisis,” says Michael Bonnes, Managing Director of LPR and Chairman of ESLA. “We are pleased that this success story has now lasted for ten years. Logistics will continue to change in the next decade - and I am sure ESLA will make important contributions to this and set new standards.”

More information about the history of ESLA - and a look into the future - will follow at the “official” tenth anniversary in October!

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