DANX and UT Transport join forces in Northern Sweden

The Norrland region has experienced substantial growth with many new businesses settling in the area. The long-lasting cooperation between UT Transport situated in Umeå, Norrland and DANX has now led to DANX’s acquisition of UT Transport i Norr AB. The two companies have a long common history with a focus on fast and reliable deliveries to the challenging and vast geography of Norrland.

  • DANX acquires UT Transport as of 17 May 2021.
  • Ulrika and Pierre Dorsch will continue to lead UT together with Ulrik Find, future Chairman of UT.
  • UT specializes in distribution in Norrland, Sweden.
  • DANX and UT will continue to invest in and co-create transport-solutions to benefit existing and new customers
With the acquisition, UT and DANX will intensify the collaboration and focus on the development of a wide range of transportation services such as effective day-time transportation and in-night deliveries. The joining of forces enables the two companies to offer unique service to and from Norrland for both existing and new customers. The ambition is to be fast, reliable and covering all areas of Norrland from Nordic countries and Europe. As well as covering all Nordic & Baltic areas from Norrland.
UT Transport was founded in 1987 and Ulrika and Pierre Dorsch have been the owners since the year 2000. Ulrika and Pierre Dorsch will continue to be the leaders of UT Transport together with Ulrik Find as future Chairman of the Board.
Ulrika Dorsch, Managing Director of UT Transport states that: “We have great confidence in DANX and we are convinced that the shared focus on great quality for our customers and the competences at DANX are a perfect match for us. We believe that this will set UT up for great success in the future.”
Ulrik Find, Managing Director of DANX AB continues: “Having known UT Transport for a long time and especially Ulrika and Pierre, I am confident that it is a perfect match. For me, personally, Norrland has always been the Land Of Opportunities and there is no doubt in my mind that this acquisition will secure the services for DANX in Northern Sweden and that for UT it will ensure the competences needed for successful future growth – it is a win-win”

DANX and UT Transport will together continue to invest in improving the transport network to meet the current and future needs of their customers.

DANX is the preferred in-night logistics provider in the Nordic and the Baltic region. The core service is in-night distribution of spare parts and with UT Transport, DANX acquires a company that shares our fundamental values and will strengthens our capabilities in Sweden.

For any further information, please contact Managing Director Ulrik Find on +46 72 230 8801 or

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