DANX opens first warehouse dedicated to automotive spare parts with a new logistics centre in Rosersberg

As of November 2021, DANX has opened a logistics centre dedicated to automotive spare parts in Rosersberg, north of Stockholm on behalf of Astara that holds spare parts for brands such as Fiat, Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, and Fiat Professional. The spare parts will be distributed through the DANX network in Sweden, supplying over 200 dealers with in-night day 1 delivery.

Five years ago, DANX opened a warehouse in Jönköping that was characterized by the introduction of a high level of automatization, resulting in precise and effective warehousing. This new opening in Rosersberg is the first warehouse dedicated to automotive spare parts with the same characteristics as the warehouse in Jönköping.

“At DANX, we are frontrunners when it comes to the distribution of spare parts, and we have had the ambition to move into the warehousing market and use the principles we learned five years ago in Jönköping. We have done so now and with great success. With our warehouse management system, customer orders for spare parts are being processed fast and with high quality” Søren Sander, Lead of Terminal and FSL Excellence, states.

Moreover, DANX’ many years of experience and expertise in the distribution of automotive spare parts have been of great value for the warehouse opening in Rosersberg:

“Our knowledge from the automotive industry has had a huge effect on what the warehouse looks like because the handling principles from our distribution have an impact on how we store. Our experience with distribution of automotive spare parts means that we know how to store the spare parts in the best possible way” Søren Sander continues.

With a focus on a high level of automatization, DANX has also introduced the pick-to-light and put-to-light technology that ensures fast and effective picking, packing and shipping, always supported by the warehouse management system.

Astara will rely on the experience and know-how of DANX to support the growth of the company in Sweden. With this new operational inclusion in the country, Astara reinforces its presence in the Nordic region, where operations began in 2018 in Finland.

“The ambition is to continue building regional economies of scale and synergies, backed by well-proven best practices, first-class partners like DANX, and reputation that will undoubtedly increase the scope of our business in today’s highly competitive European market” Miska Tammelin, CEO of Bergé Auto Nordics (part of Astara), states.

Today, DANX is the largest in-night provider of automotive OEMs and aims to gain a strong position in warehousing for the Automotive Aftermarket Industry in the future.

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