Update on Corona Contingency as per 12 March 2020

Dear Customer,

The spread of the Corona virus has escalated drastically during the last days in the Northern part of Europe and it has now officially been declared a pandemic. Both the Danish and Norwegian governments have so far decided to close down schools, restaurants and public gatherings in the attempt slow down the spread of the virus and we expect that more restrictions will follow during the next days in other countries.

The public authorities recommend that all employees who can – should work from home. We will of course follow that recommendation but at DANX we do consider your supply chain of Spare Parts as an essential service in Society, which we will do our utmost to deliver on in the challenging weeks that we have ahead of us. Our delivery promise to you is more important for us than ever. Our full focus these days is on contingency planning if larger parts of our staff or drivers get sick or are enforced to self-isolate.

True to our pro-activeness and strong focus on contingency planning our target is to ensure your distribution in the best possible way. We must anticipate that SLA’s can be affected if many of our drivers are absent from work at the same time and also that some extraordinary costs might arise as a result of the pandemic. We will keep you updated through our morning reports and will also post any updates on the situation on our website

We also encourage our customers to inform us as soon as possible in case you notice any changes in your needs or volumes due to the current situation please. Please use your normal communication channels or e-mail us at

We will keep you updated and wish you all the best.

Yours sincerely,


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