Update on Corona Contingency as per 16 March 2020

Dear Customer,

We want to ensure you that DANX will do everything in its power to ensure that your spare parts reach their destination. Due to various factors outside of our control we cannot guarantee that we will always be able to meet our SLAs. Our main concern in this situation is to make sure that your spare parts actually do reach their destination and we are convinced that this will be possible. With the recent measurements launched by European governments regarding commercial air traffic and borders closing in both Germany and several Scandinavian countries we know that there will be delays but do not yet have a picture of the full impact on our system. We will as always keep you proactively informed through our usual information channels.

DANX has the most dedicated staff and subcontractors in the industry – so should you run into logistics challenges in other parts of your system – we are ready to look for solutions together – please contact your commercial or operational contact. Selectively DANX can also offer to hold additional decentralized stock on your behalf in one of our 28 FSLs all over Scandinavia and Baltics – we are ready to discuss your needs.

We aim to update you continuously on the changing reality as the spread of the Corona Virus continues to impact our daily operations and change on a daily basis. You will therefore find updated information on our website of through our daily morning report on a daily basis as long as needed. If you want to receive our daily morning report please write to your local Control Tower or Customer Service

Yours sincerely,


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