DANX teams up with Bureau Veritas to ensure a safe and compliant battery logistics service

DANX has teamed up with Bureau Veritas, a World leader in testing, inspection and certification, to ensure their customers a safe and compliant battery logistics service. Bureau Veritas has helped DANX to achieve the best possible service for both customers and employees by reviewing and verifying their process.

The automotive industry is a significant part of DANX’s business and in the last couple of years, they have experienced an increase in electric vehicles. With the complexity of handling EV batteries and other lithium-ion batteries, DANX wanted a partner to secure safety for both their customers and employees which resulted in the cooperation with Bureau Veritas.

“It is important for us, that we can offer our customers a safe process that is in accordance with current legislation and the manufacturer’s guidelines and that we ensure a safe working environment for our employees. Therefore, we wanted an external partner that could advise and assist us in achieving the best possible process when it comes to handling our battery logistics” Lars Bo Larsen, Managing Director of DANX Denmark, states.

For DANX, the cooperation has resulted in them being able to offer both customers and employees a safe, compliant, and reliable service. Moreover, the advisory from Bureau Veritas, has ensured that their process is compliant with relevant legislation and ADR, both when it comes to the education of drivers and also in their terminals. This is something that they believe makes them well-equipped for both existing and new customers.

“For most customers in the Automotive Industry, battery logistics is now a part of their offering, and after having worked with Bureau Veritas, we feel very competent to handle the batteries. We see a great value in the fact that we have a verified battery logistics process that gives us, and not least our customers, the safety that is needed” Lars Bo Larsen continues.

Bureau Veritas has, among other things, been part of reviewing and shaping DANX’s battery logistics by offering their expertise in order to assess and tailor the different procedures within the handling of the batteries. DANX has already vast experience within battery logistics, managing large projects in different parts of Europe.

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