DANX Carousel Group thought leadership paper identifies three areas for supply chain focus to realise full logistics 5.0 benefits

DANX Carousel Group’s (DANX Carousel) thought leadership white paper, ‘Logistics 5.0: Strategy Beyond Data – Turning Uncertainty into Opportunity,’ concludes that adaptability, resilience, and carbon footprint reduction are the key areas for technology investment to focus on as the supply chain industry enters the next chapter of digital transformation.


The report, which surveyed supply chain leaders, acknowledges the leap forward brought about by digital transformation from Logistics 4.0, but forewarns how Logistics 5.0 will demand a broader approach to how technology is used.


“When deciding on new technology to support your business it is important, from a technology perspective, not to be overly excited by the new shiny toys out there,” said Thomas Wad Jelle, Chief Technology and Information Officer, Danx Carousel Group.


“Instead, focus on the business risks and customer requirements to understand what needs to be solved and how technology can be part of that solution.


“There is no silver bullet for bringing your data perfectly together across companies and supply chain.”


In a note of caution, the white paper highlighted concern among those surveyed over the worrying lack of talent needed to make successful digital transformation and development possible.


The report revealed that 21 percent of organisations attributed their experienced disruption to a loss or lack of talent, while 15 percent are struggling to find the right people to lead their organisation into this new era of optimisation.


“Technology is the enabler, not the solution,” said Ulrik Find, Chief Operations Officer, DANX Carousel Group, adding that tapping into the talent pool and attracting the right people to a career in the supply chain industry is essential.


Find illustrated his point by pointing to the example of organisations that had the right tech during the pandemic, but lacked the “nimble, ‘fleet of foot’ mentality” embodied by many start-ups who thrived.


When setting out his three-point roadmap to transformation, Find also emphasised the need for a “mindset shift” among industry leaders, calling for them to reinvent how they attract talent, who they do business with and why, how they build their strategy, and where they allocate their capital.  


“The dawn of Logistics 5.0 has very much arrived– it marks a new phase in the supply chain, one that is heading toward an increasingly digital world, but this time with the incorporation of sustainability and learnt lessons from the past,” concluded Find.


The white paper was published in conjunction with a leading business intelligence company, and was released at Group launch events in London, UK, and Stockholm, Sweden, earlier in October.


To read more about DANX Carousel’s latest insights on the transition to Logistics 5:0, download the white paper here


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