DANX terminal doubles Sweden express schedule with investment in new BY:DAY

DANX has opened a new freight hub in Örebro, Sweden, as a strategic response to growing demands for quicker logistics lead times in remote areas.


The expanding green industrial sector in northern Sweden has meant that developing both a By:NIGHT and By:DAY delivery schedule was increasingly essential.


“This investment means a better service for DANX customers with increased capabilities for hard-to-reach areas leading to additional delivery options for northern Sweden,” said Martin Grauers, Managing Director, DANX Sweden.


“We have enhanced our product offering while handling increased freight volumes, which are currently growing by 30% year on year.


“Additionally, the Örebro terminal is powered by 100% renewable energy for heating and lighting, and has improved insulation, so compared to the previous site that used to serve this area, we have made significant sustainability improvements.”


The terminal sits within a densely populated area and with regions that have traditionally posed a logistics challenge, such as Närke, Dalarna and Värmland; these regions can now be more easily serviced along with the northern tip of Sweden.


“DANX is continuing to strengthen its Swedish capabilities through a combination of strategic investment in our network, a resilient final mile solution, and cutting-edge tech,” said Ann-Sofi Ståhl, DANX Sales Director.


“These are important elements of time critical logistics and our continued focus upon them ensures our market leading position within the Nordics and Baltics.”


DANX also offers all types of warehousing in the region with up to 2600 square meters of capacity.

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