Update on Corona Contingency as per 30 March 2020

Dear Customers,

Below you will find the daily Corona update on the countermeasures that DANX is taking to ensure the continuous delivery of your spare parts.

In Denmark in particular, we see an increasing level of disruption in our ability to perform our logistic services. All steps in the logistic process take longer time due to the increasing precautions we are taking to ensure the safety of our employees and drivers. For example, drivers are no longer allowed into our terminals, and in our terminals, we now have less people at work simultaneously to ensure enough space for each employee – resulting in longer loading and unloading time for each car coming and leaving. We also see delays at other strategic locations which impacts our Nordic system and deliveries in general.

We are therefore unfortunately looking into an increasing number of delays on our in-night deliveries. We are as always doing our utmost to deliver as fast as we possibly can and aim to make any delay a matter of hours and minutes instead of days.

Once all the present restrictions are loosened, we look forward to returning to our usual DANX performance and delivery accuracy. In the meantime, we can guarantee you that your spare parts WILL reach their destination and that we will do our utmost to make it as fast as we possibly can.

We would also like to remind you that you will always find updated information on our website or through our daily morning report on a daily basis as long as needed. If you want to receive our daily morning report please write to your local Control Tower or Customer Service.

Yours sincerely,


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